Lion Rolling Circus | Metallist rullimisalus - 'Ruby' 180x140x15mm

THE BIGGER THE JOINT, THE BIGGER THE ADVENTURE. That’s the motto of the LION ROLLING CIRCUS® . And enhances this adventure with great rolling trays made of metal. Each rolling tray is printed with one of the cool freaks of the LION ROLLING CIRCUS® . The ensemble consists of Edgar Allan, Ruby, Sexy Sadie, Tora Tora, Silverfuck and Jellybelly and Mr. Trampoline. Behind each circus character lies a very individual adventure of a lifetime - Check It Out!
7,00 €
​✔️️ With edge elevation, so nothing is blown away so fast

✔️️ Robust metal

✔️️ Colourful print

Material: Metal
Print: Lion Rolling Circus Logo
Motive: Ruby
Dimensions: 180x140x15mm
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