Slit Diffuser Chillum B-Quality - 120mm

The chillum with inside cut fits in bongs with standard ground SG 19 and is compatible with bowls with standard ground SG 14. Available in different lengths. Attention: the length is measured from the upper edge of the lower grinding. By the way, the great price as B-quality is due to the fact that these chillums should be without a logo. Unfortunately, some of them do have a logo – but it is very faint and almost invisible.
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Slit diffuser chillum for plug-in systems (means without bowl).

✔️️ Diffuser slits for efficient turbulence for smoke cooling

✔️️ Smoother smoking experience

Length: 120mm
Grind: SG 19/14 Inside Cut (18,8/14,5mm)
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Print: No Logo
Diffuser: Slit Diffuser
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Tubakas Yes
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