'PieceMaker' 'Klutch' Silicone Bong

​​'PieceMaker' 'Klutch' Silicone Bong When you utilize one of these ‘KLUTCH’ water pipes from ‘PieceMaker’, you’ll be amazed at the comfort and smooth hits you receive from these lavish smoking accessories. Each food grade silicone pipe is fashioned with ‘PieceMaker’’s own HexTEK™ percolator technology that adds extra filtration to your draws!
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'PieceMaker' 'Klutch' silikoonist bong

Komplekti kuuluv roostevabast terasest kaha on täiendatud sõelaga abil, et hoida jääkaineid sattumast suhu ja silikoonist kork tagab teie legaalsete ürtide paigalpüsimise!
Need kaunid silikoonist piibud on umbes 8-tollised ja neil on palju lõbusaid värve, nii et valige välja endale sobivaim!
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