Mini glass bong - Skull - green - 142mm

This beautiful glass bong with coloured components has a medium size. The percolator makes the bong water bubble properly during the bong rip whereby the smoke cools down. At the same time, the smoke is filtered so that the hits are not too scratchy. The funnel-shaped bowl for herbs has a medium-sized opening. We recommend 12mm screens. The bowl has a handle to pull it up comfortably according to the lift-off method during the final hit. The bong made of borosilicate glass lies well in the hand. It is also well suited for smoking extracts such as wax and oil. To do this, simply replace the herb bowl with a matching banger or oil bowl (SG 14) - and the dab rig is ready!
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Material: Borosilicate Glass
Colour: green
Motive: SKULL
Height: 142mm
Diameter: 55/27mm
Percolator / Diffuser: no
Ice: no
Kickhole: yes
Oil: no
Info: Chillum 50mm

✔️ Slightly curved drawtube for a more comfortable posture

✔️ With percolator for smoke cooling and filtering

✔️ Also suitable for dabbing
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