Hamilton Devices | 8 Chambers Pipe 'Daypipe' - grey

The high-quality hand pipe Daypipe™ from Hamilton Devices® made of anodized stainless steel is not only the perfect smoke buddy during the day, but also gets night owls & party people through the night with ease. Because the pipe can be pre-filled with eight portions of herbs. For this purpose, the Daypipe™ has 8 herb chambers, each holds 0.2g of herbs. If you pre-fill all chambers, you can enjoy later in the relaxed way: Simply turn the mouthpiece to open the first chamber, light the contents and smoke. When the chamber is empty, simply turn the mouthpiece again. The chamber, containing only ash, closes and the next filled chamber appears. Very practical, especially when you are on the move. The smoke makes its way through the stainless steel casing whereby the smoke cools down. The smoke feeling is therefore nice and smooth. Screens are already built into the chambers, so nothing else is needed except the herbs and a lighter. Not only the idea, but also the workmanship of the Daypipe™ is very good. Thus, the pipe for day & night - provided regular cleaning - can last a very long time.
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✔️ Always at least 8 hits ready to go

✔️ Pipe housing made of anodized stainless steel

✔️ No mess with ash

✔️ Simple handling

✔️ Perfect on the go

Material: Stainless Steel, anodised
Colour: grey
Print: Hamilton Devices Logo
Height: 130mm
Diameter: 23mm

RECOMMENDED CLEANING: Clean the pipe by soaking it in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. Then scrub off any residue with the brush provided.
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