CTIP | Activated Charcoal Filters conical - 26mm Ø 7/6mm - 25pcs

Activated charcoal filters are now available like sand at the sea but the activated charcoal filters 'CTIP' are still unique. Because they are the first activated charcoal filters that are cone shaped. On the narrower side the filter is 6mm wide, on the other end 7mm wide. This way, even beginners of ‘roll your own’ can easily roll the most beautiful sports cigarettes! In addition, this special shape also ensures a mild airflow. The patented 'CTIP' filters are produced under strict conditions and constructed from of a thin and also recyclable aluminum housing, containing activated charcoal. This means that the filters do not become muddy and unstable when the joint has been smoked wet. The surface of the activated charcoal has a special microstructure that absorbs unwanted by-products from the smoke without removing the desired active components. Due to the good filtering, the 'CTIP' are ideal for pure smoking. So you can enjoy the pure, unadulterated aroma of herbs and flower. To ensure that the activated charcoal filters always give an optimal result, we recommend storage at room temperature.
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Material: Aluminium, Activated Charcoal
Length: 26mm
Diameter: 7/6mm
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