BLscale | Digital Scale + Silicone Bowl - 0.01-100g

Very practical digital scale from BLscale® that comes directly with a silicone weighing tray that can also be used as a storage box! At the same time, the silicone box protects the sensitive scale safely against shocks and vibrations. When the silicone tin is tightly closed, the contents are odour-proof. The silicone box is easy to clean in the dishwasher.
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Measuring range: 0.01-100g
Colour: rasta
Print: BLscale Logo
Dimensions: 93x62x21mm
Size: Platform 56x53mm
Power: 2x AAA Batteries (incl.)
Note: Overload Warning, Auto Off, Tare, Calibration, Counting Function
Other: Modus G-OZ-OZT-DWT-CT-GN
Accessories: Silicone Bowl, User Manual

✔️ Silicone box as protective packaging for the scale

✔️ Silicone box can be used as a storage box

✔️ Weighing range 0.01g/100g

✔️ Additional measuring units OZ, OZT, DWT, CT, GN

✔️ Protection function against overloading

✔️ Automatic safety shutdown

✔️ Tare function

✔️ Illuminated LCD display

✔️ Two AAA batteries included
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