'Black Leaf' 'Decepticlone' Ice Bong Silicone Base - 320mm

The flask bong 'Decepticlone' must have been fallen from a far away world onto earth and luckily Black Leaf® has found it! Because the bong is the proof that there are supporters and connaisseurs of our most favourite plant outside our galaxy. And since the decepticons seem to know exactly, what a good bong is made of, we have cloned it immediately in various colours. So herewith, we offer the 'Decepticlone' with alien technology: A wall thickness of 7mm and bi-stable standard grinding ensure robustness even when crashing onto alien planets. The diffuser adapter of the down-stem system lets air swirl and water bubble in order to cool and filter the smoke. More cooling on top when the ice chamber is filled with ice cubes. The herb bowl in the popular conical form has a handle for all the fans of the lift-off. But the kickhole users get their share, too. The kickhole has a plug in case you want to lift-off as well as for easy cleaning. The removable anti-slip ring made of silicone around the bong base which ensures safe stand on slippery surfaces. The material of the coloured glass parts may probably stay a galactical secret forever, though. But it is very heat-resistant and naturally tensionless. Could it be that the secret sign on the bong lead us to further cube splinters...?
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Materjal: borosilikaatklaas, silikoon
Värv: erinevad värvid
Trükk: musta lehe logo
Motiiv: Detseptikloon
Kõrgus: 320 mm
Läbimõõt: 140/51mm
Kaha: SG 19 bistable/14 (18,8 mm/14,5 mm)
Seina paksus: 7 mm
Perkolaator / hajuti: ei
Jää: jah
Kickhole: jah, korgiga
Õli: ei
Info: Difuusoriga piluadapter - 132mm
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