Alabama digital scale 100g - 0.01g

Alabama digital scale 100g - 0.01g This Alabama digital scale is a pocket scale for weighing your valuables, such as gold, silver, coins, gems, medication, and herbs. It comes with a maximum capacity of 100 grams and with an accuracy of 0.01 gram. It supports 4 weighing units (ounces, grains, grams, carats). It includes also auto calibration and a led backlight. Its size is approximately 12x6.5. Finally, its compact design is suitable for carrying it easily with you when travelling. The scale is intended for non-professional use.
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Alabama Digitaalne kaal 100g - 0.01g
  • Täpsus: 0,01g
  • Maksimum kaal: 100g
  • Värvus: Hõbe
  • Mõõdud: 304.8mmx 165.1mm
  • Funktsioonid: Automaatne kalibreerimine
  • Patarei: 2xAAA
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