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Smono Flowermate Pro 6

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1 x Smono Flowermate Pro 6 Vaporizer
1 x USB cable
5 x Screens
1 x Glass Mouthpiece
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Packing Tool
1 x Liquid/Wax Capsule
1 x Manual

Guarantee 2 years
Direct Inhalation Yes
Balloon function No
Digital display Yes
Liquids Yes
Manuals DE, ENG

Ettetellimisel - tarneaeg 14-30 tööpäeva.

199,00 €


Highlights Conduction Fast Heat up Display 20-30 Sessions Description The Smono Flowermate PRO 6 is the latest vaporizer of the successful Flowermate range. The new model has been completely redesigned by Smiss & Smono and offers many new features. For example, a new heat-resistant and stain-resistant herbal chamber is used. The chamber of the vaporizer is made of black ceramic and can be filled with either a herbal capsule or a wax capsule. The capsules have the advantage that the chamber must be cleaned less often and you can enjoy your steamer for a long time. The new cycle time allows the vaporizer to stay at the desired temperature for 5 minutes. Afterwards, the Smono goes into standby mode. Optionally, this time can be reduced to 3 minutes. The temperature and charge indicator is located on the front of the device. Like its predecessor, the Smono Flowermate Pro 6 has built-in mouthpiece storage and adjustable airflow.

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