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'Kavatza' 'Flower' Tobacco Pouch Leatherette


Tobacco Pouch “Summer Flower” Faux Leather

Tobacco Wallet (S) “Classic”

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Quick Overview

Life is a celebration of everyday rituals: paying for your coffee, checking your smartphone, rolling a cigarette… This indispensable companion on the road of life is a wallet, smartphone case, and tobacco pouch all rolled into one – and perfectly sized for your pocket. Perhaps the best life hack since advent of tobacco. An Original Kavatza product.

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43,00 €


Three-in-one: wallet, smartphone case, tobacco pouch Pocket sized High-quality leather Closes securely (magnetic buttons for tobacco, snap fasteners for wallet) Anti-theft brass chain A unique and patented product High-quality, innovative design Features: 3 card slots 2 transparent card slots Small change pouch Bill compartment Phone storage pouch Removable chain Tobacco pouch Extra pouch for filters and lighter Rolling paper dispenser Three in one, from dusk till dawn …

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