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Original Kavatza “Bible”

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The greatest temptation since Eve saw the apple: lift up the cover, the light shines forth, and there it is – the forbidden fruit. The high-quality deluxe craftsmanship of the Original Kavatza Bible summons its disciples to witness the miracle of the burning bush. The definitive edition for all seekers after heavenly delights: practical, ingenious, and discreet. Holy smoke!

Saadavus: Laos

84,00 €


Wooden box disguised as a book with magnetic closure LED light inside Ideal for home use Mix remains reliably captured by flipping up the turntable No mess on the table, no waste Antique look Stylish and convenient Contains: Plenty of storage space for your tobacco pouch or cigarettes, lighter, filters, etc. King size rolling paper holder Tamping device (attached with rubber band) LED light Because heaven is a place on earth. Enjoint it!

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