Monkey King | 'Rainbow' rullimispaberid suuruses 11⁄4 - kloorivaba

Monkey King® RAINBOW – your line of colors. Here, the Spanish paper brand presents booklets with papers in different colours. This means that the 32 sheets of a booklet are in the colours green, pink, blue, white and natural. The popular papers from Monkey King® are in size 11/4 and unbleached. The adhesive strip is made of natural gum arabic. The papers for unadulterated enjoyment burn slowly and evenly. Despite the fineness of the paper, the papers can be rolled well and are quite tear-resistant.
1,10 €
The following also speak for papers from Monkey King®:

✔️ Ultra-fine chlorine-free paper

✔️ Slow burning papers

✔️ Colourful variety in smoking

Material: Natural Fibres Paper, Arabic Gum
Colour: green/pink/blue/white/unbleached
Size: 76x44mm (1¼ )
Quality: Ultra thin, chlorine-free
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